Visa Classic

visa card imageAs part of our commitment to providing tailored financial solutions, we are thrilled to introduce an exclusive credit card promotion designed especially for you!

Are you currently carrying a credit card with high-interest rates? It's time to make a positive change for your financial future. Our VISA Classic is an irresistible offer:

Key Features:

1.  Rates as LOW as 11.25%  APR*:   You enjoy a significantly lower interest rate compared to most credit cards, helping you save more each month!
2.  No Balance Transfer Fees: During promotion period (promotion period ends February 29, 2024). We've got you covered! 
To begin the balance transfer process,
                *If you do not have an MVFCU VISA Credit Card, apply online at
                *When you receive the approval OR if you already have an MVFCU Credit Card, contact our Virtual Community office at

907-745-4891 OR come into any of our Community Offices for assistance.


cc comparisionLook at the savings if you owe $5,000 on a card and pay $250 a month.

        • With a rate of 24.59%, you’ll pay $1,499.41 in interest and take 26 months to pay it off.
        • Lower the rate to 11.25% and you’ll pay just $562.96 in interest and take 23 months to pay it off.
        • That’s a savings of $936.45 in interest and three months to pay it off. Given that most of us have a small financial margin, that’s a big deal. However, these aren’t normal times, so those savings are even more important.




Stop into any of our Community Offices,
or call us at:
Mat-Su: 907.745.4891
Anchorage: 907.694.4891
Hawaii: 808.677.6206

Applying online is easy!

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VISA Credit Card Agreement
* APR = Annual percentage rate.
** Must be a member or become a member to be eligible for the promotion.
Rates and Terms may vary based on creditworthiness. All loans subject to approval.