Effective June 23, 2023

Share Account Fees

Deposited Item Copies
(per item)
Overdraft Privilege Fee
(per occurrence)#
Share Draft NSF Return Item Fee   (per presentment)# $18.00
Share Draft Copies
(per item)§
Share Draft Stop Payment   (per draft or consecutive sequence)* $20.00
Overdraft Protection Transfer  (per occurrence)# $6.00
Starter Checks  (pack of 12)^ $2.50
HSA Monthly Fee† $5.00
Roth IRA Monthly Fee  (fee waived with balance over $50.00 or certificate) $5.00
Traditional  IRA Monthly Fee  (fee waived with balance over $50.00 or certificate) $5.00
Coverdell IRA Monthly Fee  (fee waived with balance over $50.00 or certificate) $5.00
Account Over Draft Fee  (per presentment resulting in an overdraft)  $18.00


Card Fees

Plastic Card Reissue $10.00


Bill Pay Fees

Bill Pay's Standard Transaction  (per item) $0.40
Bill Pay's Paper Payment Overnight   (per item)^^ $20.00


Miscellaneous Account Service and Special Purchases

Returned Undeliverable Mail  (per day) $5.00
Current Month History Printout* $2.50
Statement Copy ‡ $2.50
Research (hourly) $15.00
Lien Release $2.00
Account Closure  (if account less than six months old) $25.00
Domestic Wire Transfers $20.00
International Wire Transfers $70.00
Charge Backs (deposited items returned; per item) $10.00
Check Cashing/Withdrawal ** $2.00
Cashier’s Check (when payable to non-account owner)*  $2.00
Excessive Membership Renewal $10.00
Standard Express Mail Fee $30.00
Priority Express Mail Fee (overnight) $35.00
Incoming/Outgoing Collections $2.50
Notary Fee $2.00
Replacement Cashier's Check $25.00
Money Order* $1.50
Christmas Club Account Early Withdrawal $25.00
Lock Bags $38.00
Zipper Bags $5.00
Special Transaction Handling  (per occurrence) $6.00
Loan Payment with Card  $7.95
Levy Garnishment Administrative Fee  (staff time to process legal demands) $75.00
ACH Stop Payment  (per-item) $20.00
ACH Origination Fee  (outgoing only setup; per-request)* $5.00
ACH Origination Per  (member transactions initiated by online and phone self-service platform) $7.95

All fees are subject to change.
# Overdraft fees are based on available balance.
§ Seniors receive first six (6) copies of drafts free, normal charge thereafter.
*Fees waived for individual accounts of members age 60 and over.
^ First pack of starter checks FREE with your new Share Draft account.
† Fee waived with balance over $50.
^^ In addition to the $0.40 transaction fee per item.
‡ Seniors receive first three (3) months of statements free, normal charge thereafter.
**Fee waived if balance is over $100 or other active account ID.


VISA Classic Card fees listed separately.

The fees appearing in this section are accurate and effective for
Share Savings, Money Market and Share Draft Accounts as of the effective date indicated above.