Savings Accounts (Share Savings)

Start saving today

Share Savings Accounts are a great way to earn interest on your money and take advantage of the benefits of credit union membership.

Benefits include:

  • Voting rights within the credit union for those over 18 years of age (primary member only).   
  • Build your savings quickly with competitive dividends earned on your entire balance.
  • You can manage your account conveniently and easily with online banking.

Savings Rates Fee Schedule

Checking Accounts (Share Draft)

A checking account that fits your needs

Our Share Draft Checking Account offers you convenience and flexibility and it's free with no minimum balance. 


  • $25.00 deposit to open 
  • No minimum balance required
  • No monthly service charges
  • Dividends can be earned with balances above $2,000
  • Easy and convenient ATM and online access
  • Overdraft transfer protection from a savings account, money market or line of credit
  • Overdraft privilege service 


VISA Debit Card

  • Withdraw your cash worldwide at any Visa PLUS or NYCE ATM*
  • Make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted
  • No annual or monthly fees!
  • Get notified by text, email, and phone call when any fraud activity is detected!
  • Choose a secure PIN number at any community office or any MVFCU-owned ATMs
  • Set up account alerts through Online Banking to get alerts when debit card transactions clear


*Surcharge fee(s) may apply at non-MVFCU ATMs. Must know your current PIN to access this feature. Refer to the MVFCU Fee Schedule for any associated fees.

Certificate Accounts 

Grow your savings safely and securely

You can invest any amount of $400 or more, and choose a term that works best for your savings goals. 

Additional Details

  • Terms available from six months** to five years
  • Minimum balance of $400
  • Dividends are compounded and paid** quarterly at a locked-in rate
  • Statements are received quarterly
  • Early withdraws are subject to a penalty on earned dividends

**6 Month Term Certificate pays at Maturity only.

Money Market Accounts 

Start Saving Today 

Have extra money to put aside? You could be earning higher dividends while still  having access to your funds. 

Our Money Market Account requires a $2,000 minimum balance to open and a $2,000 minimum balance to earn dividends.  Dividends are computed daily and paid monthly. Money Market accounts pay higher dividends, and they are considered low-risk, high-security investments.

  • Build your savings with only a $2,000 minimum balance to get started
  • Earns higher dividends 
  • Easy access to your funds anytime  See Member Account and Agreement Book for more details.

Retirement Accounts

It's Not Too Late to Start Planning

Whether retirement is near or far, we offer Traditional, Coverdell, and Roth IRA Shares and Certificates to help you save for your future.

  • Save for retirement or educational expenses
  • IRAs are individually NCUA insured up to $250,000
  • Set aside up to $6,000 per year ($7,000 if over age 50)
  • Contributions may be tax deductible*

*Recommend you consult a Tax Professional about tax deductibles.

 IRAs are individually NCUA insured up to $250,000. Interest and Dividend Rate Sheets, Brochures and Applications for specific services and products and Fee Schedules are available at any MVFCU office. MVFCU waives the fees of some services for senior citizens age 60 and over.


New/Minor Child Account

Let us help you start saving for your child today

We have a New Child benefit that contributes $10 to an account opened for a newborn up to six months old.

As our gift to you and your child, we will add $10 to his or her new account either to bring the deposited amount up to the necessary $25 or add it to the $25 deposit you use to open the account.

  • At least one adult joint member.
  • The minor must meet CIP requirements (Two forms of ID) and be able to sign the Account Card to have account access.
  • If the minor will be primary:
    • The adult joint must be a parent or legal guardian. This is due to the tax liability falling under the minor member's SSN.
    • Use birth certificate or guardianship paperwork as documentation to prove parentage/guardianship.
  • If the minor will be joint:
    • The adult can be a non-parent/non-guardian who accepts liability for the account.
  • A minor's legal guardian, whether or not he or she is joint on the account, may restrict withdrawal privileges.

Christmas Club Savings Account 

Save for the holidays all year long

Your Christmas Club account is a powerful financial tool to help you save for the holidays. Set up weekly, monthly or bimonthly deposits to easily meet your holiday savings goals.

  • There is no fee for opening, no fees for transfers to the account and no service charges for account maintenance.
  • Earn a higher fixed annual percentage yield than your share savings.
  • For your convenience you are able to set-up payroll deductions, auto transfers and direct deposit
  • $50 Minimum Balance
  • $5,000 Maximum Balance
  • Christmas Club funds automatically transfer to your Share Savings or Share Draft account on October 31
  • Your Christmas Club account automatically renews annually starting November 1. Any automatic deposits previously scheduled will continue
  • There is a $25 early withdrawal fee if funds are withdrawn prior to October 31

Routing Number

A Routing Transit Number (RTN) is a nine digit number used to identify a financial institution in a transaction. Routing numbers are printed on the bottom left-hand corner of our personal checks.

MVFCU's Routing Number: 325272335

All MVFCU accounts are NCUA insured up to $250,000. IRAs are individually NCUA insured up to $250,000. Interest and Dividend Rate Sheets, Brochures and Applications for specific services and products and Fee Schedules are available at any MVFCU office. MVFCU waives the fees of some services for senior citizens age 60 and over.