Starting December 21, 2022 you can get a NEW or RENEW a 12 Month Share Certificate and earn 3.55%  Annual Percentage Yield (APY)!

Share Certificates are the credit union equivalent of a bank's Certificate of Deposit, or CD.

Whether you are saving for retirement, a rainy day or for that something special you have had your eye on - a share certificate with MVFCU is a great option. A share certificate pays you a premium rate because you are promising to keep your funds in this account for a pre-set amount of time. When you have a share certificate your investment is also federally insured up to $250,000, you are guaranteed a certain return up front and will never lose your initial deposit.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY), is the rate you can earn on an account over a year and it includes compound dividends (interest)
Starting December 21, 2022 you can get our 12 Month Share Certificate with a 3.55% APY 
3.55% APY only applies to 12 Month Certificates, rates can change at anytime check RATE PAGE
Minimum balance of $400 to both earn dividends and open the account
Dividends are compounded and paid quarterly at a locked-in rate
Statements are received quarterly
• Federally insured by NCUA
Early withdraws are subject to a penalty on earned dividends
 Share Certificates can be opened from the convenience of your own home using MVOnline or MVMobile